How will the Holidays Affect Your Shipping?

If you are shipping internationally, you will want to take note of their holiday dates while New Year’s Day is the same around the world there are many holidays and celebration dates that are different.  These additional holidays can disrupt shipping plans.

Be aware of a blackout or modified service holiday delays.  Holidays that fall just before or after a weekend will require different departing windows.

Weather can turn on a dime, be aware of weather forecasts.  Also, when working with a performance shipping provider they are known for helping their clients plan around the weather.

Shipping is Divided into Season

  • Season One – January through March. It is quiet after the rush and LTL shipments are smooth going during this time.
  • Season Two – April through July. This is a busy season in a large part due to produce being in season and trucks are in greater demand.
  • Season Three – August through October. We consider this peak shipping season as preparation for the holidays begins.
  • Season Four – November through December. Also named the Holiday Season. The beginning of the season is busy as everyone is trying to ship out last-minute loads, but as they go out things slow down, and trucks become more available.  If your LTL shipments are time-sensitive, it’s best to utilize expedited LTL.

Realistic Shipping Expectations

Less than Truckload (LTL) is a solution to move smaller quantity shipments across UK, which can be more cost-effective than smaller individual shipments.  LTL is optimal for companies with in-store fulfillment needs, item returns, and back order shipments that won’t fill an entire 53-foot trailer.

Prepare for Disruptions

Having a plan in place and preparing ahead for problems will save you headaches and unnecessary stress.  Here are some ways to be proactive instead of reactive.

  • Confirming holiday operating hours with all staff, where the items are being picked up and delivered to.
  • Clearly communicate appointment times among shippers, carriers, and receivers.
  • Communicating early closing times to carriers during inclement weather.
  • Register for your carrier’s distribution list for weather-related updates.

Classifying Freight

When freight classifications are incorrect, your shipment can incur additional fees or delays.

Calibrate all weight scales.  This will avoid reweighs.

Documenting freight with pictures will assist with reclassification in case of mislabeling.

Streamline Loading and Unloading

Streamlining loading and unloading will speed up the process and be more effective.  Prepare the paperwork before the driver arrives so that the process moves quickly.

Request progressive number stickers from carriers to help speed uploading and organizing of the pallets on the trailer.

Utilize a supply management platform, like Transportation Management System (TMS), so you can maintain visibility on the freight and prepare for the arrival at the receiving facility.

Work with a reliable Logistics Provider

Working with an experienced shipping coordinator will help you with all the details and navigate the unexpected so that your shipment will arrive.

Having a plan and executing it even when obstacles occur will ensure that your business’s shipments arrive when they need to this holiday season.

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